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Nitro Executive Roundtable

The Digital Dichotomy – Stripping Costs whilst Improving the Employee Experience

23rd November 2023
11:30 AM - 2:00 PM AEST
Chancery Lane - Melbourne
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In an era marked by digital transformation and evolving software needs, the choice of PDF and E-Signature solutions plays a pivotal role in business operations. The recent announcement of substantial price hikes by a leading PDF software vendor has left many organisations at a crossroads, prompting a critical evaluation of their software budget allocations.


This Exclusive Roundtable aims to bring together executives from various industries to explore cost-effective alternatives to costly mainstream PDF and E-Sign solutions. Nitro, renowned for its affordable and powerful PDF software, is here to demonstrate the advantages of making the switch in light of recent pricing adjustments by major market players.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Surviving the Pricing Tsunami: A deep dive into how to ride the wave of recent price hikes from the go-to PDF software giant.

  • The Risk of Vendor Lock-in: Discussing the challenges and risks of dependency on a single, high-cost PDF and E-Signature provider in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

  • Rethinking Your Digital Wallet: Unpacking the ripple effects of the new pricing model from a major PDF vendor on software budget strategies.

  • The ROI of Switching: A data-driven look at the potential cost savings and efficiency gains from considering alternative PDF solutions.

  • Navigating the Future: Evaluating the Long-term Implications of Commitment vs. Change in a Shifting Economic Environment

  • Balancing Security and Costs: Examining the Impact of PDF Software Choices on Organisational Security and Regulatory Compliance.

Why Attend:

  • Peer Impact Analysis: Gain invaluable insights into how recent price adjustments from a major PDF software player are shaping your industry landscape.

  • Smart Savings: Uncover a cost-effective alternative that stands toe-to-toe with top-tier solutions in both quality and functionality.

  • The Power of Connection: Mingle with industry thought leaders and decision-makers to discover collaborative strategies for software optimisation.

  • Empowering Digital Transformation: Learn how Nitro’s PDF and E-Signature offerings can be the catalyst for your organisation's digital evolution.


This Executive Roundtable serves as an urgent forum for leaders to re-evaluate their PDF and E-Signature solutions, adjust to new budgetary realities, and discover Nitro as a smart, cost-effective alternative. We welcome you to engage in this rich dialogue and set the course for a more efficient, budget-aware future in document management and E-Signature solutions.



Chancery Lane

430 Little Collins St,

Melbourne VIC 3000


Arrival and registration: 11.30am AEST

Networking: 11.30am – 12.30pm

Start of discussion and lunch: 12:30pm

End: 2:00pm


To take a further look at the venue & what it has to offer, please see below for more information:



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