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Empowering ISVs: Accelerating Innovation with Cloud-Native Data Solutions

20th June 2024
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM BST
Hotel Café Royal - The Soho Room



Embracing cloud-native data solutions is not just a technology decision, but a business strategy. Rackspace Technology and our strategic partner AWS are empowering ISVs when it comes to harnessing the power of the cloud to drive innovation, agility, and growth. For Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), it’s the key to staying competitive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Cloud-native data solutions offer several benefits for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). So, let’s not just adapt to the cloud, let’s thrive in it. 


“Adopting platform engineering is like giving your developers a high-performance sports car. It’s about providing them with the tools, the environment, and the freedom to drive at full speed, while ensuring safety and efficiency. It’s not just about getting from point A to point B, but about enjoying the journey and constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.” (Rackspace Technology) 


ISV’s are at the forefront of innovation and this is an opportunity for ISV’s to come together to discuss, debate, and share insights approaches to enhanced developer productivity. 


Discussion points: 

  • Developer efficiency & driving scalability through cloud native data platforms:  

    • Accelerates development cycles

    • Simplifies tool management

    • Democratises knowledge & promotes best practices

    • Enhances collaboration

    • Streamlines onboarding

    • Ensures reliability and compliance

    • Migrating licensing costs by using cloud native

    • Cloud scalability

    • Geo-agnostic data platforms

    • Operating efficiencies through PaaS

    • Accelerating development by using code generating AI

Come Join The Discussion With


Nick Kuhle

Director, Commercial Sales

Rackspace Technology


Atif Sheikh

Cloud Advisory Consultant EMEA

Rackspace Technology


Declan Jackson

Global Account Director

Rackspace Technology



10 Air St, London W1B 5AB, United Kingdom

Food & Drinks

Food & Drinks will be provided by Rackspace & the venue as part of this session. Drinks will be served on arrival with food coming out from 6:30pm - 9:00pm


Arrival: 6:00pm BST

Start: 6:30pm BST

Finish 9:30pm BST


To view the menu prior, please see below for more information:


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