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Navigating Uncertainty: Strategies for managing regulatory risks

13th June 2024
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM BST
One Hundred Shoreditch - London
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While many in the industry are talking about how to address the upcoming regulations (DORA, NIS2, SEC Rules etc.), we are missing a dialogue on the residual risks related to these regulations.


During this roundtable, we will discuss the long-term outlook of cyber regulations, and what we can expect increasing guidelines and protocols around digital resilience to look like.


We will also discuss what this means for organizations as they navigate the implementation of these – and future – regulations, and the increased responsibility placed on senior leadership and the Board to own the cyber risk.  


Questions we will explore include:

  • How are we assessing the risks associated with upcoming regulations, and how we can mitigate any risks that might persist even after compliance efforts?

  •  What is our vision for cyber regulations in the long term, and how do we anticipate these evolving over the next decade?

    • Are there any emerging trends or technologies that could significantly impact future regulations?

  • How well prepared are we already for these regulations? Are there any gaps in technology, resources or expertise that need addressing?

  • How can organizations stay ahead of the curve, and what proactive steps can be taken to adapt swiftly to changing requirements?

  • What role should senior leadership – and the Board – play in owning cyber risk, and how can they ensure effective oversight and governance related to cyber risk management?


Ondrej Doubek

Security Management Consulting and vCISO

Ondrej is a Security Management Consultant and one of WithSecure's virtual client CISOs, with more than two decades of experience in cyber security. At WithSecure, Ondrej focuses on risk management and business continuity, bringing this experience to his vCISO role where he also provides strategic guidance to help organizations safeguard their digital landscape. 




100 Shoreditch High St, London E1 6JQ, United Kingdom


Arrival: 6:00pm BST
Start: 6:30pm BST
Finish 9:30pm BST

Food & Drinks

Food & Drinks will be provided by WithSecure & the venue as part of this session. Networking drinks will start at 6pm, with dinner service commencing at 6:30pm.


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